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Licensed Guide Volunteer Group Shinjuku is…

We aim at realizing a society that people all over the world understand each other and trust deeply through languages.
We act to help mainly foreign tourists know about Japanese culture to be like a bridge between countries overseas and Japan.
Besides, in order to improve Licensed guide’s skills and to inform Japanese citizens of work of Licensed guide, we help many shops foreigners friendly and stress free by interpreting through volunteer.


Recently more and more tourists have been coming to not just Shinjuku but also all around Japan to enjoy Japanese culture and history.
Because of that, there are so many in bound services to carry out around Japan. However, especially, regarding of “Night Life” it is on the way to be made.

We work mainly in Shinjuku where there are bunch of restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, it is so hard for tourists to understand charge system and habits. In some cases, it gets into trouble.

We hope that every person all over the world enjoys Japan without any stress by interpreting.


Every day, we patrol voluntary. Feel free to call us even after tourist information centers are closed.

These are the ones we have to solve.

They do not pay and go.
They do not understand the system of charge and so on.
It is very hard to communicate
We can’t manage well because of too many tourists coming in
We can’t go easily the place we are looking for even by using a map
We can’t get in only because we are foreigners.
We feel really uncomfortable to be told by people working on the streets.
We don’t understand the charge system.

It is super easy.
Just call  or
MAIL info@nationalgovernment-licensedguide-interpreter.com

What is Licensed Guide?

We are licensed guides, in another word, national government licensed guide interpreters. Only licensed guides are permitted to receive a reward from tourists. To become a licensed guide, we must pass the exam about Japanese history, culture, geography and economy, politics, foreign language skill, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian and so on. The total 10 languages. The exam is authorized by Japan tourism agency which is a part of Ministry of a Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. That is why the exam is so hard. Only 9.8% of the examinees are passed(2018 data). We are so professional that we are super familiar with these fields. Meanwhile, we must bring National Guide Certificate while working. If not, we are not able to work. We take pride in this job.

By the way, speaking of diplomats, they work hard for their people. On the other hand, licensed guides are called “Diplomats for people all over the world.” Therefore, we passonitely help tourists overseas to understand Japan so well.

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