Staff introduction

Terry Vermut Canty
I am an English national government licensed guide interpreter.
I had  many local people help when I was in U.S.A.
Now I think about a contribution to tourists overseas as my gratitude. Thank you.
I am from China for studying in Japan.
I study business administration.
I’d like to help foreign tourists through Shinjuku Volunteer group.
Thank you.
I am from China and living in Japan for six years.
I study tourism in university.
I’d like to help tourists with not only Japanese but also Chinese.
Thank you.
John Christa Yoko
I am from China.
I will do my best for guest’s satisfaction.
Let’s enjoy Night Life together.
Hi what’s up everyone! I am basically in charge of an asistant work for the volunteer activity.
I do my best for tourists feeling good while looking back to my abroad experience.
My hobby is to make music. I am looking forward to seeing you.
I am a national government licensed guide interpreter in English.
Nice to meet you.
I will give you, tourist, just visitor, whoever, all I’ve got. Cheers.
Nelly Miyako Nao
Hi everybody.
I used to work for Japanese tourists who dream of foreign culture as a tour conductor.
Now I hope to give all I have got to foreign tourists who want to know about Japan.
And finally I want to see all of them are happy.
I have lived in U.S.and Philippine.
I am a Chinese licensed guide interpreter from Taiwan for the 9th year in Japan.
During your stay in Japan, I will help you to feel the charm of Japan.
My hobbies are outdoor and snowboarding.
Please contact me when you need a help.
I would like to contribute as a volunteer at the Tokyo Olympics. My hobby is classical guitar playing started from 12 years old.
Besides,  I am still learning Uzbek, Russian. It is nice to meet you.
Mickey Angela
Hi, I am a national government licensed guide interpreter in English. While working as a guide, I developed the habit of looking at Japan objectively. It is my pleasure to help you find the Tokyo that suits you best. My hobbies are singing, mountain climbing, and watching Noh theater. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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