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On the tour, there is a limit on the number of
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During Shinjuku walking tour with a licensed guide, you will experience the most kinky part of Tokyo Night Life. The name of this area is Kabukicho which has Japanese unique drinking culture, amazing bars, restaurant and so on, which is simply red light. You might know about the deepest side of Tokyo. And you could be Tokyo dude or girl.

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Tour Details

The participants are approximately 10 in each tour.
¥1,100  each(tax included)
English and Chinese Preferable.
However French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Thailand OK.
Age Restriction
Not recommended for persons under 22
Tour Highlights
1. kabukicho Nightlife district(歌舞伎町一番街)
kabukicho is an entertainment and sleepless town that’s because Shinjuku station is the world busiest transport hub which registered as Guiness world Records.
2. Robot Restaurant(ロボットレストラン)
Robot Restaurant reportedly cost over 100 million USD to build.
you can expect the unexpected trough seeing robots, dinosaurs, tribal drum, and variety of other oddities.
3. Godzilla Head(ゴジラヘッド)
Godzilla head is landmark in this district. you can feel Amazing Japan from passersby on ground level are treated to the dynamic illusion of this object breaking its way through the building some 40 meters above.
4. Golden-gai Nostalgic Drinking Bar district(ゴールデン街)
At golden gai, you can see vestiges of Japanese capital’s postwar nightlife, down to earth,locally minded and still wonderfully bizarre.
5.Hanazono shrine(花園神社)
Hanazono shrine is guardian/ protector position of this district from Samurai era.
※There might be a change in schedule.
Meeting Point  At Kabukichoichibangai sign


During Meguro walking tour with a licensed guide, you will experience a variety of authentic “JAPAN” like HANAMI(Cherry-blossom viewing),Kawa(Japanese river),Geijutu(Japanese art),Tera(Japanese temple) and so on. You might know a little bit  about Japanese culture itself.

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Tour Detail

¥1,650  each (tax included)
English,Chinese Spanish Preferable
Age Restriction
Not recommended for persons under 22
Tour Highlights
1. Meguro River (目黒川)

    1. Meguro River is one of the top cherry blossom spots in Tokyo. The highlight of this spot is more than 800 sakura trees line along Meguro river.


    1. 2. The Meguro Musiam of Art(目黒美術館)

    1. Meguro Museum of Art, TokyoThe Meguro Museum of Art has been collecting and exhibiting the works of modern Japanese artists. The museum also holds special exhibitions of various kinds of art with a fresh idea that will help you make a new discovery.


    1. 3. Daienji Temple(大円寺)

    1. Daienji Temple is a national historical sites and cultural properties. One of Edo’s three great Daikoku temples, you can see 500 stone buddhas as well as a sculpture of Amida Buddha.


    1. 4. Meguro Gajoen(目黒雅叙園)

    1. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, a luxury Japanese-style hotel, was the first wedding hall built in Japan, and is also known as the “Showa Era Palace of the Dragon King” thanks to the thousands of beautiful artworks and grand decor which seem to cover every surface. If it is open for public viewings during your visit, make sure to check out the Hyakudan Kaidan, an ornate stairwell decorated with bright paintings and intricate carvings that connects several lavish rooms.
    1. ※There might be a change in schedule.
Meeting Point At Starbucks Nakameguro tsutaya book store

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