Staff introduction

Terry Marty Vermut
I am an English national government licensed guide interpreter.
I had  many local people help when I was in U.S.A.
Now I think about a contribution to tourists overseas as my gratitude.
Thank you.
I am an English national government licensed guide interpreter and sightseeing taxi driver in Tokyo.
Let’s have meaningful and fun time together!.
I am from China for studying in Japan.
I study business administration.
I’d like to help foreign tourists through Shinjuku Volunteer group.
Thank you.
Canty John Christa
I am from China and living in Japan for six years.
I study tourism in university.
I’d like to help tourists with not only Japanese but also Chinese.
Thank you.
I am from China.
I will do my best for guest’s satisfaction.
Let’s enjoy Night Life together.
Hi what’s up everyone! I am basically in charge of an asistant work for the volunteer activity. I do my best for tourists feeling good while looking back to my abroad experience. My hobby is to make music. I am looking forward to seeing you.
Yoko Nelly
I am a national government licensed guide interpreter in English. Nice to meet you.
I will give you, tourist, just visitor, whoever, all I’ve got. Cheers.
Hi everybody. I used to work for Japanese tourists who dream of foreign culture as a tour
Now I hope to give all I have got to foreign tourists who want to know about Japan.
And finally I want to see all of them are happy.
I have lived in U.S.and Philippine.

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